Commercial office cleaning services St. Petersburg

Have you been searching for commercial cleaning services St. Petersburg? Are you looking for commercial cleaners that are also environment friendly?

Frezco Eco-Cleaning provides cleaning services that are environment friendly. Our services are affordable because we provide cleaning packages that are suited to our clients. Let us know your requirements and we will prepare a package for you.

In addition to this, we make sure that our staff uses products and employs techniques that are eco-friendly. This means that the products we use do not cause any harm to you and your family. Some commercial cleaning products that are used in the market are not safe. They cause harm to humans such as itching of the skin, eyes and respiratory system. To avoid this people are switching to cleaning methods that are safer with little impact on the enviornment.

Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly cleaning products provide good hygienic standards equal to those of conventional products. Our staff at Frezco Eco-Cleaning is highly motivated and dedicated to their job. They are professionals with proper training. We also perform background checks on our staff. This ensures the reliability of our staff and the services that we provide.

We provide cleaning services to commercial and residential areas. For commercial areas, specifically, we provide janitorial services for carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, window washing and more. For residential areas, we provide cleaning for the entire household including kitchen, bath, living areas and more. When cleaning kitchen and baths, we make use of methods that remove bacteria and other disease-causing germs. For this, we disinfect countertops, basins, bathtubs and more.

As more and more people are becoming aware of the environment, people are opting for eco-cleaning methods, which do not impact the environment in any negative way. Conventional cleaning products such as those used for drain cleaning are corrosive. Not all cleaning products are made less harmful by filtration techniques. Therefore, people are switching over to cleaning products that are friendly.

Frezco Eco-Cleaning takes pride in the fact that we provide cleaning that makes sure that you family remains safe and healthy.

For businesses, we also provide eco-friendly cleaning. You can either opt for regular or occasional services. We cater to all! Find out about our services on our website.

For us, customer satisfaction is top priority. We ensure that the services we provide are in accordance with our clients’ needs. At Frezco Eco-Cleaning, we provide training to our staff to provide you with the best services. This is why they are the best at the job.

You can get a free quotation from us on the services we provide. Call us for more information regarding our services. Also check out our website. We provide commercial and residential cleaning services in Sarasota, Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and South Florida.

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