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Frezco Eco Cleaning services provide its customers with a range of domestic and commercial cleaning services in Tampa Bay. Our services include window washing, carpet cleaning and more.

Have you ever stopped to imagine the harmful effects of chemical and other products that are used for cleaning in your house? These chemicals can be harmful when used in a large quantity. When used these are known to cause redness and itching skin. Apart from this, being exposed to chemicals can cause them to build inside the body leading to many developmental impediments in humans especially children.

So why are people choosing Eco Cleaning? Because it allows them to live a healthier life. In addition to this, using green products for cleaning purposes does not impact the environment negatively.

Why choose Frezco Eco-Cleaning over other conventional methods of cleaning? Here are a few points why people choose our eco-cleaning services:

  • Environment Friendly

Our cleaning methods and products ensure that our cleaning services do not impact the environment including wildlife in a negative way.

  • Low Cost

As opposed to popular belief, Eco Cleaning is not expensive. Frezco allows its customers to customize their services according to the budget.

  • Completely Harmless Products

A lot of cleaning products that are used have harmful effects on humans. Therefore, companies such as Frezco Eco-Cleaning provide cleaning services that make use of human and environment friendly products. In addition to this, our cleaning services make sure that you family is healthy and safe.

  • Effective Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, these products give you quality hygiene while making sure that they are not harmful for you or your family. Therefore, the products that we use are effective in cleaning as well.

Apart from providing Eco Cleaning services, our services are top-quality. Our staff as Frezco Eco-Cleaning goes through a background check so that you don’t have to worry about trusting them. They are not only trustworthy but are also hardworking. You will not have to worry about a thing!

At Frezco Eco-Cleaning, we consider the importance of employing sustainable methods of cleaning that do not cause harm to you or the environment. For this reason we use eco-friendly products and methods for our cleaning services.

For commercial as well as residential cleaning, we provide regular and occasional cleaning services. We also provide janitorial cleaning services for your commercial areas and offices. These include window washing, carpet cleaning among others.

The packages we offer for cleaning services are customized according to your budget and requirements. Therefore not only are our cleaning services affordable they are the preferred choice of our clients. You can read our customers’ testimonials to find out the quality of the services that we provide.

Call us for more information regarding the services that we use. Book an appointment and we will be there to provide you with our eco cleaning services.

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