Top 10 Commercial Cleaning Services Tampa Bay, top 10 companies for cleaning

Are you looking for professional commercial cleaning services for all your house and business cleaning requirements? It could be hard to pick one cleaning company, with so many companies operating in the area, how can someone pick a trustworthy cleaning company?

There are some characteristics that all the good companies have in common and we know you are struggling to pick one so here we have a list of the top 10 commercial cleaning services Tampa bay for you. We have created this list after conducting thorough research and considering all the reviews. These cleaning companies so far offer the most reliable services and are the most trustworthy;

A Home Maid Clean:

A home maid clean is a cleaning company in Tampa Bay. This company is a member of the merchant circle and mom pack. This company provides maid services and offer discount coupons on their online website. Their services are affordable and they offer personalized cleaning packages.

They use sustainable green clenaing products and it is rated at number 1 because of their trustworthy services and experience in the field.

Frezco ECO Cleaning LLC:

This is also one of the best options for your cleaning requirements. Frezco eco cleaning LLC is a cleaning company that provides its services in Tampa bay. Their services are reliable and the reason why they are rated number two in the top 10 commercial cleaning companies in Tampa bay is because of the customer reviews about their commercial cleaning services Tampa bay.

They also offer sustainable green cleaning service with green cleaning supplies which keep your property and environment safe and healthy. Green clenaing is the need of the hour. They a wide range of cleaning services including move-in/move-out cleaning and fall/summer cleaning services.

They offer free estimates, flexible timings, and affordable commercial cleaning.

Their staff is experienced and highly trained.

The professional and trained staff is the reason why people prefer hiring them and give good reviews about them.

Services are licensed, bonded, and insured. they focus on passion, honesty, and dependability.

They offer a 100% money-back guarantee and insurance at their cleaning services.

You can hire their cleaning staff by visiting their website online.

Extreme Maids:

Extreme maids is a cleaning company in Tampa Bay. Extreme Maid offers maid and house cleaning services in Tampa. The company provides online management of booking and billing, flat-rate pricing, and two professional cleaners per visit. Customers may get a free estimate online or book a cleaning right away. The pricing of cleaning packages is listed online starting at $99 for a one-bedroom home. The company also offers deep cleaning for moving in or moving out and charges by the hour for homes over 4,000 square feet or in extreme cleaning cases.

All Clean Cleaning Services:

All clean cleaning services is a reliable cleaning company that offers cleaning services in Tampa Bay. It is a women-owned and women-operated company. You can trust this company as it has been in business for many years and it is a reliable company according to its costumers.

Cleanly Maids:

Cleanly maids has a very good reputation based on customer reviews in Tampa bay.

They provide exceptional cleaning services. Their services are also affordable and flexible timings are available.

Dappir LLC:

Dapper cleaning LLC is a cleaning company in Tampa Bay. Dappir LLC is a local house cleaning company located in Tampa and serves the greater metro area. It allows clients to access a service quote and book their cleanings online and customizes cleaning services to fit each client’s unique space and needs. One-time, recurring, and move-in and move-out cleaning services are available. Dappir LLC also offers a variety of commercial cleaning services and a 100% money-back guarantee on its cleanings.

Cleaning Buddy:

Cleaning buddy is a cleaning company that offers cleaning services in Tampa bay. This is a local company that has been in business for a very long time.

They have a good client diary. Satisfied clients refer to their services.

They offer quick and efficient cleaning services.

Sandy’s Cleaning:

Sandy’s is a locally owned cleaning company with extensive experience in cleaning services. They provide all kinds of commercial and home cleaning services in Tampa bay at affordable prices.

Immaculate Janitorial Service:

Immaculate Janitorial Service is a commercial cleaning company in Tampa Bay. The company cleans offices of any size, as well as medical office buildings, educational facilities, warehouses, government buildings, and manufacturing plants. Immaculate Janitorial Services is licensed, bonded, and insured, and the business is family-owned with a focus on passion, honesty, and dependability.

The Cleaning Troops of Tampa bay:

The cleaning troops is a young women-owned business. This company is a reliable and affordable option and they have many happy clients.


After reading all the above-mentioned information about the cleaning services in Tampa bay, we hope that it is now easier for you to pick one trustworthy cleaning company, all of these companies have professionalism and experience in common, if you are looking for more than this, you should go for anyone from the top 5 cleaning services in the above-mentioned list.

Before hiring a cleaning company, you should confirm insurance, bonding, money-back guarantee, green cleaning, experience, and payment policies.

You can visit their online websites for more details and free estimates. Most of the good companies offer that.

Commercial Cleaning Services Tampa Bay

Professional cleaning services are the cleaning services provided by the cleaning companies. They are trained professionals who can clean your living spaces.

Most cleaning companies offer all kinds of cleaning services, such as commercial cleaning service Tampa Bay, janitorial services in Saint Petersburg, restaurant cleaning services, and house cleaning services including sofa, mattress, and carpet cleaning services.

People living in busy cities and working full-time jobs, like to hire cleaning services. The professional cleaning services, along with giving you clean living spaces, also come with many other attractive benefits and people like to hire them for many reasons

What Services are provided by a Cleaning Company?

Residential Cleaning:

Residential cleaning is provided by companies at low rates. If you are a busy person who wants a clean house, professional residential cleaning services can do the job for them.

Carpet Cleaning:

With professional cleaners, you can get clean carpets. Carpets are always a huge part of a home. If you have carpets in your home, your home could not be cleaned unless the carpets are clean. The commercial cleaning service Tampa Bay not only clean your carpets, but they also make sure that your carpets are healthy and safe to use.

Window Cleaning:

Windows are also an aesthetic addition to the value of the home and if windows are not clean, the home doesn’t look clean. People want clear and clean windows but they often do not have enough time to scrub and clean the windows. The professional cleaners offer window cleaning services so when you book an appointment you should also expect clean windows.

Safe Cleaning:

Ever wonder what unsafe cleaning could be? The toxins and harsh chemicals that are used in cleaning purposes can be very unsafe for the environment. While ordering professional cleaning services always opt for green cleaning services and ask them if their cleaning methods are safe. Sometimes the cleaning supplies that look safe and efficient, contain toxins that could be harmful to the health of the inhabitants.

Standard Cleaning:

Cleaning companies provide regular standard cleaning services that are available if you want regular cleaning or once in a week cleaning. This type of cleaning is beneficial for the people who work and do not have time to clean their hoes regularly but they also want to come back to clean home.

Deep Cleaning:

If you have not cleaned your home for a while or you regardless need a deep cleaning of your home, the services are available. The professional cleaners come with proper supplies and equipment and deep clean your home. They clean all the corners and areas where you cannot reach.

Flexible and Customized Cleaning Services:

Good cleaning companies offer flexible timings for your cleaning services. They also offer customized cleaning services. When you are home and available to supervise the cleaning guys, you can order the cleaning services and ask to tell them about the specific areas that you need to be cleaned. You can ask them specifically for full home cleaning, carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, or whatever you need Frezco eco cleaning LLC can cater to all your cleaning needs.

How do they Charge?

  • Most cleaning services have standard charging rates and they charge considering some of the factors given below:
  • The kind of cleaning that you need
  • The condition of the place that needs cleaning, how long ago was it cleaned for the last time.
  • The size of your area to be cleaned experience and reputation (cleaning companies that have long experience and good reputation tend to charge a bit more for their premium services)

Why hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

Time and Fatigue Saving:

Cleaning companies save your time, they are efficient cleaners and are able to clean your space in less time than you. When you have to clean the house you will have to buy all the cleaning supplies, spend some time in stores and then come home and spend alot of time cleaning and scrubbing your floors, that’s alot of time and we all know that nobody is interested in spending their time like that.

Healthy and Allergy-free Living Space:

When you get your home cleaned by the professional cleaners, it’s not just your regular vacuum cleaning. It is a deep cleaning, using the latest technologies and techniques such as hot air and steam cleaning. Such cleaning methods do not just get you rid of the dirt and stains but also remove all unwanted micro-organisms, bacteria, and allergens. They use green cleaning products and make your living spaces clean, allergy-free, and healthy for living.

Saves Money:

Spending all those dollars on cleaning supplies and equipment when you can hire a cleaning service and get better cleaning at the same or less price and without moving a finger. Professional cleaning services are the way to go. If you want the best cleaning services at the lowest rates, contact us at Frezcoecocleaning We provide the most affordable and efficient janitorial services in Saint Petersburg.


Next time you see that your place needs a cleanup, you know what to do. On the account of the above-mentioned information, the wisest decision will be to hire a professional cleaning company!

Green Cleaning

best cleaning services in Tampa Bay

Let’s talk about it in a very simple way. Green cleaning is defined as the practice of cleaning which is done using the products that are environment friendly or in other words you can say, these are the safe products that won’t damage human health and also do not have any negative impacts on the environment.

So what’s wrong with the products that are NOT GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS?

Have you ever thought about this? Are you sure that your cleaning products are cleaning the surfaces and not damaging them?

The Myth About Cleaning

When you see the cleaning products that contain strong chemicals, parabens and give strong odors, your brain thinks about clean. Your brain is tricked into thinking about those smells as clean smells. When you enter a place and smell a cleaning product, you assume that the place is clean.

This is not always true. The modern century cleaning products contain toxins that are strong enough to make your nose burn and remove tough grease from the tires. They cannot be both, Safe and strong at the same time.

This is what’s wrong with our cleaning supplies.

They appear to be cleaning but in reality, they could be damaging your surfaces and health.

Have you ever been in contact with a cleaning solution with your bare skin? How does it feel? Does it feel mild and safe on the skin? I bet not.

So how can it be safe to use?

Let’s talk about it with an example.

Think about modern beauty/make-up products, whitening creams, and skin and hair bleaches. Are they good for your skin? The answer is NO!

What happens if we keep using those products over time?

They damage our skin permanently in the long run while making us feel better temporarily.

The same happens with the cleaning supplies. The stong toxic chemicals present in the cleaning supplies make us feel clean temporarily but abundant and long term use of these products damages our health and our surfaces.

These products contain toxins themselves so how can they be removing the toxins from the surfaces?

They don’t!

What is Green Cleaning Services?

Green cleaning services use green cleaning products meaning they use the products that are not harmful to the environment. These products do not contain harmful toxins and they will still the surfaces but they won’t smell the way your ordinary chemical cleaning products smell. You might not think that the place is now clean but believe me, it is!

There is a variety of green cleaning products that are available at present. There are green cleaning products that you can get from the market, labeled as green, and also plenty of natural products that can be used as green cleaners. You would be highly surprised when you hear about the ordinary products that can clean your surfaces.

Let Me Give you Some Examples:


Yes! Just using water can get rid of most of the dirt and bacteria from the surfaces. Water is a great natural cleaner and it won’t damage your surfaces or your health at all. It is super green and super safe.

Natural soaps:

Natural soaps that are made out of natural oils and organic products are very effective in cleaning.

Natural Acidic Solutions:

Natural acidic solutions are very good cleaners and disinfectants because they can kill the micro-organisms that are harmful and also clean the surface.

Such as clear white vinegar is a super effective and safe window cleaner and it has been used for decades to clean glass windows.

Lemon Juice: you must have heard about the cleaning properties of lemon juice. That is because of its acidic nature. It is also an anti-bacterial cleaner. And you can always drink a glass of lemon juice because it’s safe and beneficial for you.

Natural Alkaline Solutions:

Natural alkaline solutions such as solutions of baking soda, cornstarch, club soda, etc all are very good cleaners and you can use them in your food as well because they are non-toxic.

Useful Tip: if you are looking for a disinfectant, and you do not want to spill lemon juice all over the place, look for the green cleaning products in the market that contain natural acidic solutions such as citric acid and lactic acid. These products would be hopefully safe and effective sanitizers.

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

Although green cleaning products are not harmful to your environment you don’t want to spill a glass of lemon juice on your expensive sofa to take out that stain. Now what you do?

Professional cleaners are what you need to hire and when you book an appointment, ask for green cleaning services.

They know which product is suitable for a specific area or product that needs cleaning. They will use effective but safe cleaning supplies and techniques to take out those stains and get rid of the odors so that you don’t have to experiment with your expensive carpets and floors while trying to clean them without intoxicating them.

Benefits of Professional Cleaning

benefits of professional cleaning

Getting home, office or commercial place cleaned must be a top priority but it takes much effort and a lot of time. That is why, cleaning an entire place on your own might be the toughest job. Even if you have spared time for it, there are always some loop holes when cleaning is done in a traditional way. No matter how rigorously you have cleaned a place, there is always some kind of dirt and filth that is left behind. Beneath the carpets and in the untouched nuke corners, there are pathogens and bacteria that can be harmful for the household members. That is why, whenever it comes to a thorough cleaning of your home, office or shop, professionals should be called. Professional cleaners from a renowned cleaning company can perform this task efficiently leaving the place spotless.

So, for a perfectly cleaned home or a shiny workplace, it is always preferable to avail a professional cleaning service. One can easily ensure a thorough cleaning of their home even of the areas that are hard to reach and very difficult to clean. There are numerous benefits of professional cleaning or janitorial service. Here is an overview of a few;

Peace of Mind

The first and the foremost advantage of hiring professionals for cleaning is the peace of mind. One can easily get time to relax after work while the home is cleaned by professional cleaners. Furthermore, the professionals have a very firm grip over what they are doing. They know exactly how to clean a place and whip off the dirt from furniture items without damaging them. In this way, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that your belongings are being cleaned under safe hands.

Appropriate Tools and Detergents

When professionals take the charge of cleaning, then you don’t have to supply the tools and materials. They come fully equipped with all the required tools and equipment for cleaning. The detergents of top-quality are utilized for carpet cleaning while the floor and tiles are also cleaned with effective cleaning agents. A controlled and limited amount of chemicals are used during the process in order to ensure the safety of the household members.

Timely Process

There is a big difference between cleaning a place on your own and getting it cleaned through a professional. The professional cleaning companies would send experienced cleaners who know the do’s and don’ts of cleaning a place. They will not leave any spot uncleaned while at the same time, complete the process within a certain time limit. It is due to the years of experienced that these professionals have. Moreover, they have all the required tools and materials available for the process.

Scrubbing and Mopping Techniques

There are certain techniques that should be considered while cleaning is performed. At some areas, such as machinery or furniture, water should not be used. While on the other hand, some areas of your house might need more attention during the cleaning process. The professionals will identify all such areas that need more attention and pursue the process only after a comprehensive inspection.


Hence, keeping in view all the benefits of hiring professional cleaning services, one must always prefer it. The advantages explained above are limited, there are many other benefits of professional cleaning services. All you have to do is choose the best cleaning company that has years of experience. The most renowned cleaning companies such as Frezco Eco Cleaning would never disappoint its customers regarding the efficient cleaning.