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Are you searching for affordable cleaning services in Tampa Bay? Frezco Eco-Cleaning provides cleaning services and more. We provide affordable packages for our clients. In addition to this, we provide environment friendly services to both residential and commercial areas. In this we make sure that our customers are satisfied with the services we provide.
At Frezco Eco-Cleaning, customer satisfaction is our top priority. In this we ensure that our staff is highly trained and motivated for the job. Apart from this, for our clients’ convenience we also perform background checks on all of our staff members. For the peace of mind of our clients, we want to make sure that our staff is reliable for the job.
Our affordable cleaning services in Tampa Bay is the reason why we have a good client base. Our services are not limited to Tampa Bay, we also provide eco-cleaning services in Sarasota, South Florida and St. Petersburg area.
We provide cleaning services for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, living area, hallways and more. For residential cleaning services we provide cleaning of carpet, window washing, floor mopping, cleaning of counter tops, baths and more. To avoid the spread of germs and bacteria, we make sure that we contaminate your counter tops and bath.
For commercial cleaning we provide janitorial services for a complete package of cleaning services. You can hire us for either occasional or regular cleaning services. This depends completely on the client who hire us.
One of the key features of Frezco Eco-Cleaning is that we provide environment friendly methods of cleaning. In this we make sure that we use products that do not affect the environment in any negative way. Conventional cleaning products are not as safe as they seem to be. Although most commercially available cleaning products do not adversely affect you, many are known for causing bad effects on the environment. This is one of the reasons why people are switching over to green cleaning.
As green cleaning becomes the trend, people wonder whether it provides the same standard cleaning or not. Eco-Cleaning products and methods provide the same level of hygiene as conventional cleaning methods. You have our guarantee in this.
Eco-Cleaning is also safe for your family. Where cleaning products can cause skin and eye irritation including respiratory issues, green cleaning avoids all of these problems. Adopting Eco-Cleaning can improve your lifestyle because it is sustainable and reduces negative impact on the environment.
Some commercially available cleaning products are hard to breakdown, once they go down the drain. Therefore, these can cause problems for fish and other wildlife. And this is why people who are aware of the environment are opting for sustainable cleaning options.
You can also get a free estimate regarding the services we provide. Check out our website for more information on Frezco Eco-Cleaning. Call us to book an appointment.
Frezco Eco-Cleaning is a standard, rehash benefit organization giving window cleaning and window washing administrations. We offer unique Window Care which is modified to your requirements and are marked down in light of recurrence. With our unique Window Care offer, you can make a private window cleaning plan that is both reasonable and compelling at keeping your windows looking clean all year. The thought is straightforward; the more you utilize our window cleaning services in Sarasota FL, the more reasonable every window cleaning progresses toward becoming.

We charge $10 per window. We do have the standard timing of 1hr cleaning services. Our special window cleaning process comprises of…

  • Rubbing and cleaning your windows to discharge the development of oil, grime and airborne contaminants.
  • The glass is squeegeed clean with proficient review hardware, evacuating 99.9% of the water and soil from the pores of the glass.
  • Edges and ledges are wiped spotless and dry, deserting only shining glass.

All Frezco Eco-Cleaning professionals are trained to give you the most ideal administration and experience. We are for the most part completely safeguarded, fortified, and where important licensed. You can utilize our administration in certainty on the grounds that each window cleaning services in Sarasota FL is supported by our select Streak-Free Guarantee. This assurance tells you that we remain behind everything that we do. On the off chance that for any reason after your window washing administration you are not 100% fulfilled, call our office and we will return ASAP to redress the issue agreeable to you.

Our cleaning organization offers window cleaning administrations to any of our clients as a feature of our month to month expense.

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